Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The true meaning of Easter

The Easter Story
Well Jacob  has been getting very excited about "the Easter Bunny day" as he calls it.  I wanted to find a way to show and tell him the true meaning of Easter, so he could really understand it! I found this idea on Pintetest. The total cost was about $15.

What you will need:
 large terra cotta saucer, a small terra cotta pot, soil, small stones, a large stone about the size of the flowerpot rim, grass seed, and twigs for the crosses as well as a glu gun to glue the crosses.

We started by filling the terra cotta saucer about halfway with soil. Add the flowerpot to make the tomb, and add more soil, mounding the soil over the top of the flowerpot and spreading it to make the hillside shape. Spread the small stones around the entrance to the tomb. Mist the soil with water. Apply grass seed liberally over all the soil, and press it down so that it contacts the soil well. We then  sprinkled a little extra soil over the top of the seeds and misted the soil again.. Position the large rock in front of the flowerpot. Make each cross by breaking the twigs to appropriate lengths and attach them together with a small dot of hotglue. (Don’t forget to make the tall piece longer to allow extra for putting in the soil.) Position the crosses on top of the hill.  Place in a warm, sunny area. Keep misting about twice a day and your sprouts should start to appear soon. Remember grass seeds take 6 - 10 days (check on the seed bag to see how long it will take to start sprouting).


Our finished project. We can't wait for the grass to start growing. We will keep this out as a nice Spring decoration even after Easter :)

I got this amazing Easter craft idea from A Homestead Heart

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  1. That is incredible! Love this idea and presentation. Too cute!