Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first blog....

  I have decided to start a blog.
I realize now, almost all of my most treasured memories are the sweet little moments you wish you could capture again. Making crafts with my mom, writing silly poems with my dad, and cooking in the kitchen as a family. Growing up my Mom and Dad gave my sisters and I memories we will always cherish. My mom made holidays and birthdays extra special for each one of us. She could also magically turn an ordinary day at home into an exciting day of fun! My Dad was not as "crafty" as my Mom but he could always make you smile. I treasure the memories of going on family drives and Dad letting us drive on the back country roads, cooking and baking in the kitchen for hours, telling jokes and leaving funny little rhymes around the house for each other. I would now give anything to share those little moments with him again!
Now that I am a Mommy, I want my two kiddos to cherish the little things in life too! I want them to remember the tooth fairy dust left on their cheek and pillow from a tiny fairy kiss. I want them to remember cooking as a family and making crafts. I want them to cherish our family traditions and one day pass them along to their kids.
I want this blog to help others turn the little moments in our lives to memories we will treasure forever!

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